Friday, February 26, 2010

39 weeks 6 days

I'm due tomorrow.  TOMORROW!!!

Actually, according to the OB-GYN, my due date is today.  However, the OB-GYN and I are basing our dates off of different information, and I know for a fact that mine is more accurate.  So I'm really due tomorrow.  :)

Today is my last day in the work office.  If lil' Snoke hasn't arrived by Monday (which I'm starting to think will be the case), I'm just going to work from home.  I think my coworkers are starting to get a little nervous about me being in the office with my labor expected to start at any time.  And I understand their nervousness.  Especially for the ones who have not been pregnant or had a wife/SO who's been pregnant.  I mean, really, before learning what I needed to know for my own pregnancy (which included the first half of my nine months), I was definitely under the impression that labor happened like they show in the movies.  BAM your water breaks or BAM horrible full-blown contractions start and within one hour there's your baby.  (For those of you who are still under that impression, the truth is that it very rarely happens like that.  Only about 10% of women have their water break before labor, and in most cases labor starts out slow and easy enough that you can stay at home for hours before heading to the hospital.)

I'm actually quite calm about the whole thing now.  When I first reached the point where I was considered full term, I got sooooo anxious.  I was like, holy cow, my baby can come at any time.  All of a sudden there was this great urgency and I was so excited I could barely see straight.  I knew he was allowed to arrive at any time and would be healthy, so I wanted him OUT and I wanted him out NOW. 

Now, three weeks later, the anxiousness has faded.  The reality that he can come at any time (but ISN'T) is simply old news.  I've adjusted.  No more nervous nights of me twiddling my thumbs, searching for something, anything, to do.  I've quit hoping every day that today will be the day.  Not because I don't care, or because I don't want today to be the day, but simply because a person can only handle so much of that type of excitement.  Eventually it must fade and you must settle back into life.  Which is what I've done.  I've become used to it.  The state of being in constant limbo is now familiar and comfortable.  So now I'm ready, but I'm a calm ready.  Which is probably much better, anyways. :)

In any case, hopefully I will be providing you all with a birth announcement sometime soon.  The day is definitely coming!!! :)

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  1. I never worried about the day that either babies arrived. I just kept busy. My water didn't break for either one. And for Melody, we got stuck in rush hour traffic in San Francisco, but I never had a "she's coming NOW!" moment. I was at 8 cm when I got in. So definitely no TV/movie birth scenes. Last least it's not a leap year. =)