Friday, February 5, 2010

36 weeks 6 days

Three weeks. Three weeks. Three weeks. :)

Dave and I finished up our classes this week. We had our fifth and last childbirth/childcare class and then also attended a breastfeeding class. I really enjoyed both of them...I learned a lot and they made me feel so much more confident about the life changes we're soon going to be facing.

My pregnancy symptoms continue to come and go. I have some days that are horrible, and others that are not so bad. The last 12 hours haven't been great. By the time we left class around 9pm last night to head home, the skin on my legs was stinging. I told Dave I knew my legs must be really swollen. We got home and I looked and sure enough, my ankles were so swollen that I could mold them like play-doh. I took a bath to relax and do some reading and propped my feet up. As I was doing that, I began to feel a burning in my throat, which quickly progressed to feeling like my entire dinner's contents were trying to climb back up my esophagus. Ironically, we were out of Mylanta, Tums, and milk. The only possible remedy I could find in the house was Pepto Bismol, which honestly didn't do much. As I was trying to fall asleep in bed, I was fighting the constant lump in my throat that was prompting me to throw up. (And strangely enough, the lump and reflux was easier to deal with when I was laying flat than when I was propped up. Don't ask me how that works.)

I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight (I'm thinking there was an abnormally large amount of caffeine in the "decaf" latte that Panera served me yesterday) and then woke up quite frequently to abdominal cramping and pelvic pain (which I attempted to relieve twice by getting up and using the bathroom). And then at the wonderful hour of 5am, I was wide awake, just laying in bed, staring at the wall. Thinking about who knows what. Babies. Feeding babies. All the changes coming up. Wondering when he'll make his appearance. I laid there until 5:45am and then thought this is stupid I'm wasting time, so I got up and began my day. I found that my ankles were still moldable (so much for swelling decreasing while you sleep) and that I was facing another random day of terrible pelvic pain. I got my zombie sleep-deprived self ready for work, headed out the door, and on the ride to work enjoyed the sudden return of burning acid reflux in my throat. I almost had to laugh. The symptoms never end. If it's not one thing, it's another. And yes, dealing with everything sucks once in a while, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will all be over soon. And then I'll be holding my baby boy. Which I know will be so amazing. :)

So I don't think Krew has changed much from a week ago...he's just in there getting chubby and growing his brain a bit. He's actually full term as of tomorrow...isn't that awesome!! Way to go baby boy, we made it all the way.

36 weeks, 6 days


  1. Whenever you don't blog for a day or so, I always think you're in the hospital with the baby already. =p Sorry to hear about the reflux and all that. Any day now!!! Don't worry it'll be replaced with other "fun" stuff...hey, I'm just tellin' it like it is.

  2. It's getting so close! I'm with JoyceandNorm, any lapse in blogging and I wonder if you aren't blogging because your hands are full with the new baby! :-)

  3. Kara, I'm so excited that Krew will be here soon. You are now at the point where I had to stop working. The end sucks, hang in there, it will be over soon. ( I needed to be reminded of that a lot... the baby will come out eventually, ahhhh, deep miniature lungs breath)