Wednesday, February 17, 2010

38 weeks 4 days

Yesterday when the doc walked into the exam room for my 38 week checkup, he took one look at my belly and his immediate words were something along the lines of, "Well, you're just about done cookin', aren't ya?!"  I thought to myself, "If you are referring to the size of this gigantic thing protruding out of the front of me, commonly referred to as a 38-1/2-week pregnant belly, then YES, I am just about done cooking.  PLEASE GET THIS THING OUT OF ME."  But instead I smiled and provided my typical, cheerful Kara response of "Yup!"  Internal sigh.

The doc appointment went well.  I've gained 37 lbs and seem to be holding steady there.  Not bad.  He said it's a couple pounds over what they recommend but I look fine so he's not worried.  He said he thinks I've got a "good-sized baby in there" but that my body "looks good" so he's not worried about the fit during labor.  (What exactly does that mean, that my body "looks good"?  That my pelvis has appropriately expanded to the point where I'll never fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again?  That I look fit enough for a 36-hour labor marathon to get this "good-sized baby" out of me?  Huh?  What does that mean??)

But really, it was probably my favorite doctor's appointment so far.  It was with a doc I'd never seen before, and he really was soooo cheerful and put me completely at ease.  When looking at my chart, he even looked at my job description and asked what I do, sounding as if he really cared.  I was like, holy cow, how many doctors actually take the time to even pretend to care what I do for a living??  Ummm....NONE.  This guy was probably the first one ever.  Which immediately shifted him into the position of Kara's new favorite doctor.  He is now my top choice for the delivery of my baby.  Not that I get to choose.  It's luck of the draw...whoever is on call that day/night, that's who I get.  And there are 8 doctors.  Which puts my chances at 1/8 = .125.  Hmmm...not great.  But one can be hopeful. :)

I didn't get any tips as to whether he thinks I'll be on time, early, or late.  In fact, he didn't check my cervix or anything.  Which, I must be honest, I didn't really care about.  First of all, those type of bodily "checks" are not overly fun or comfortable.  Especially with a male doctor.  Second of all, even if I am dilated or effaced, I've read and heard enough to know that it doesn't tell you much in terms of when your labor will occur or how long it will take.  So I don't really understand the point of the cervical exams anyways.

Things I can tell you are that I am cramping daily, some days much worse than others.  Back aches come and go.  Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions that are getting stronger and stronger.  But no pattern to anything yet.  So we'll see.  Hopefully this lil' Snoke doesn't plan to stay in there TOO much longer. :)

38 1/2 weeks


  1. I love your application of humor :)

  2. Did you guys talk about c-section? I keep up with Mrs. Bee of weddingbee who had her baby in December. She never thought she'd have a c-section but after pushing and pushing, the baby was too big and they had to do one. Not saying it'll happen, but you gotta read up on everything. One of my student's mom gave me a booklet on the topic when I was going on my maternity leave. You should totally read her blog because she tells everything about what's going on. Her baby is 10 weeks old now. She got some really good tips from the night nurse that they hired. And she talks a lot about her breastfeeding journey. Some great stuff on there, if you're interested.