Wednesday, February 10, 2010

37 weeks 4 days

Yup, the belly keeps growing!! Here is its size as of today:

37 1/2 weeks

Miscellaneous information I've read recently that I found interesting is the following:

*The fingernails and toenails actually begin to form on the palm of the hand and sole of the foot and then migrate to their final positions at the end of each digit.

*In about another week, your baby’s foot will be slightly longer than the length of his thigh. Take a look at your own thigh to see how big that is relative to the size of your feet. Such odd proportions will change somewhat after birth.

*Within the next three days, the circumference of your baby’s head will roughly match the circumference of its shoulders and its hips. After this time, the abdomen may be greater than the head.
(Krewson's abdomen was already bigger than his head a month ago.  Not sure what that means.  Hmmm.)

Finally, I mentioned previously that I had a very nice baby shower in Raleigh a couple weeks ago, but I haven't shared the pictures yet. So here they are. :)

Chit-chatting at the start.

Kristin and her mom, Sally, who hosted the shower.

Me and the ladies responsible for the shower.

Playing some games.

The most amazing mocha drink ever.
(Decaf, specially made for me. :))

Go Wolfpack!!

All the girls.

They made me stand up so my belly was in the picture.  It looks massive.

Dave's mom, me, and Sally.


  1. I didn't know that about the nails. Interesting. Looks like a fun gathering. I love that "blooming" flower.

  2. Great baby shower pics! Looks like fun! :-)