Wednesday, September 30, 2009

18 weeks 4 days ultrasound

Say hello to our little...

boy!!! :)

From the front, looking at his face and little belly.

From the side, he has his legs pulled up in front of him.

His little feet. (So adorable!!)

Scary pic of his eyeball. I think he has Dave's eyes, hehe.

A picture from the front again, showing his heartbeat (~148 bpm).

And the moment we were all waiting for...looking at his rump and legs from the bottom, with his little goods floating in between. :)

 Everything checked out healthy.  All his organs were in place, he was a good size.  The technician said he might be a little above average, with a head-to-butt length of around 6 inches.

So there's our baby for you. :)


  1. How exciting! I knew it would be a boy! *wink* Just kidding!

  2. YAY! Emily's little girl is gonna be chasing after him:)

  3. so sweet! :) getting real yes?

  4. Yay! Always amazed to see ultrasounds. Glad he's doing well. We got a scary-looking one of Melody when we got the 4D ones. Crazy! This time around we didn't get much...a piece of paper with 2 slides of Emily. =(

  5. Congratulations again Kara & Dave. I was guessing it would be a boy! Just wait till you can feel him move. It's awesome!!


  6. how sweet to see unborn baby really nice and amazing