Thursday, September 24, 2009

17 weeks 5 days

Last night Besido and I took a long trip to Walmart to get miscellaneous stuff needed for the new house and paint supplies for my parents. We walked up and down pretty much every aisle to get all the items on the list. About halfway through the trip, I started getting crazy bubble feelings in my lower abdomen.  Like a lot of them.  So either I was having crazy digestive issues, or Besido was doing somersaults.  I'm thinking maybe it was a combination of both.  At least some it was definitely Besido, because those weren't the typical digestive feelings I experience.  They even made me giggle a little. Apparently Besido really liked the chicken and cheese quesadilla I made for dinner.  I'll have to eat one before my ultrasound next Wednesday.  (Ok, not really.  That doesn't sound very appetizing for breakfast.)

I honestly don't understand how more movement isn't perceptible to me (or any pregnant woman at this stage). The average length of a fetus Besido's age is 5 1/2 inches head-to-rump. I mean, common, that's HUGE.  Add a couple inches of legs and arms on there, that's one big wriggly non-perceivable baby.  Our bodies are such impressive things.

Below is a picture of a live 18-week fetus. Blow the picture up so the length from crown to rump is 5 1/2 inches, and there you have Besido. :)


  1. Isn't it amazing? I'm still in awe that a little human being was inside of me...well, 2 have been in there. Crazy!