Wednesday, September 2, 2009

14 weeks 4 days

A few excerpts from some random sites:

At 15 weeks, the bones in your baby's ear that are responsible for hearing are developing, and her taste buds are sprouting, too. From now on, she'll get a flavour of whatever you eat via the amniotic fluid. One study showed that unborn babies swallow more amniotic fluid if it tastes sweet, and less if it's bitter – pass the biscuits!
This week sees a period of rapid growth, with your baby starting to lay down fat under her skin. She's also gaining more control of her movements; scans at this stage have shown babies playing with the umbilical cord, snuggling up to the wall of the uterus, apparently for comfort, and even fighting with their twin. Your baby will probably get regular bouts of hiccups from now on, which help her lungs prepare for breathing.

When will you "show"? You are at a very in-between stage right now. You may not yet look pregnant to the world -- or you may have already popped out. There is a great variation in the time your pregnancy becomes visible. This usually occurs between 14 and 20 weeks.

- From 15 Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy Week-by-Week Guide

This site suggests that your uterus can fall forward more easily depending on the ligaments in your abdomen. My new theory is that I must have very stretchy abdominal ligaments.


This link: has some AWESOME videos of babies moving in the womb. There's even a 15-week baby doing "aerobics", so you can get a glimpse of what Besido might look like about now. I got really excited when I saw these. :)


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  1. Those videos were really cool! I love the little yawn.