Monday, September 21, 2009

17 weeks 2 days

Well it's been an eventful past week.  I got a killer cold virus that scared the crapoly out of me (because I almost passed out) and had me calling my OB and rushing to the (regular non-OB) doc.  I just wanted to make sure that the sickness wouldn't hurt Besido.  I apparently had really low blood pressure (like 105/53) among a myriad of flu symptoms.  The doc did a flu test, and thankfully it came back negative (which means probably no risk for Besido).  (By the way, have you ever had a flu test?  They shove a super long q-tip-looking thing through your nostril all the way to your brain.  Quite traumatic.)  Then the doc sent me home with a prescription for rest, fluids, food, Tylenol, and saline spray.  The rest and saline spray were probably my favorites, as they were the only two that really seemed to make a difference.

But that was last week and this past weekend.  Today I'm feeling better, and anxiously awaiting the next time I feel Besido moving.  (It would just be reassuring right now.)  I didn't really notice any movement since I've been sick, but I'm assuming that's because my mind's been a bit focused elsewhere (moving into our new house, in-laws in town, Dave's ultimate sectionals, Jessica's bridal shower, church, etc.).  Hopefully I'll feel another kick soon. :)

In the meantime, here are a few tidbits I read today about this week:
  • The baby will make purposeful movements now. You may notice that every time your midwife tries to use the Doppler to listen to the heartbeat, the baby 'runs' away from it. This is because the sound waves used by the devise are audible in the uterus. One study measured the decibel level as being the same as a helicopter hovering over your house. (Wow, I would try to run away, too.)

  • The taste buds are developed enough now for the baby to distinguish sweet and bitter. If a bitter substance is injected into the amniotic fluid she will grimace and stop swallowing. (How cute.)

  • My, it's warm in here. The average temperature within the amniotic fluid is 99.6 degrees F.  (Holy camoly.  My baby is living in a hot tub.)


  1. sorry to hear you had a scare. hope you are feeling better now. i didn't know about thr decibels. wow!

  2. I'm glad the cold shouldn't affect the baby! I would have rushed to the doctor too. I'm sure you'll feel another kick soon!