Tuesday, September 15, 2009

16 weeks 3 days

I had my 16-week appointment today, and it went well. :)

The doc said my uterus was measuring right in line with what would be expected for this time...it was about 16 cm long.  (Supposedly the number of centimeters should approximately match up with the number of weeks pregnant you are.)  I got to hear Besido's heartbeat, and it was just beating away.  The doc said it sounded very good, and she said she thinks Besido is a girl.  I asked why, and she said because the heartbeat is faster, between 160 and 170.  I had read online that some people claim that girls have faster heartbeats, but I was surprised to have the doc suggest the same.  In any case, I was just very happy to hear a healthy heartbeat and hear that Besido is growing well. :)

The doc asked if I still wanted to opt out of the screening procedures for abnormalities such as down syndrome, and I said yes.  There is no way that Dave and I would be willing to abort the baby, no matter the results, so I didn't see the point of getting the tests done.  But then I asked if any of the findings could be fixed.  She said the only thing would be that if I showed positive for spina bifida, then they would do a planned c-section and be prepared to do surgery on the baby immediately after birth.  Well, I definitely preferred that over not being prepared.  I asked how they would do the screening and if it would cost me any money, and she said they would just do a blood test and that insurance would cover it.  So I decided to have them do that screening, only.  I'm really not concerned, I assume Besido is fine, but if it was free and safer for Besido, I thought it'd be best.  So I let them stick me and take some blood.

The other exciting news was that the doc said I could come back in two weeks for my ultrasound instead of waiting for my next appointment in four weeks.  I was pretty psyched.  That means we can find out Besido's gender in just two weeks!!  (That is, of course, as long as he/she doesn't sit with his/her legs crossed the whole time.)  So mark your calendars for September 30th...it'll be a big day. :)

Update to this post:

About 5 minutes ago, just about 30 minutes after I wrote this initial post, I felt the baby move!!!  I was in Kristin's office talking to her and her boss, Jessica, and all of a sudden I felt this little bump-bump across my lower belly.  I looked down and sure enough, it was right where my uterus would be.  I completely interrupted their conversation and was like, "Oh my gosh!! I think I just felt the baby move!!!!!!!"  I described it to Jessica, and she was like, "Yup, that's it."  I was soooo psyched.  It was the coolest experience ever!!

Way to kick, Besido. :)


  1. How exciting! You get to find out the gender soon, and you felt the baby move! Two big milestones within two weeks. I'll be waiting with bated breath to find out the gender (LOL)!

  2. Very exciting!! I will remember 9/30 because it's my BIL's birthday. It's sounding like everything is going along fine.

  3. :) I bet Besido likes to hear stories!