Tuesday, August 18, 2009

12 weeks 3 days

Today I had my 3-month checkup, and I got to hear Besido's heartbeat again. :) As the doctor was getting the doppler ready, she said, "Ok, now be aware that it sometimes takes a while to find the heartbeat." I said ok. She squeezed some jelly on my belly then stuck the doppler down and turned on the little speaker. Right away the heartbeat came pounding through. She was like, "Oh! Well! There it is!" I think she found it much quicker than expected, which was fine with me. :)

It was pounding along in the 150s. She said there's not a completely consistent heartbeat yet...that won't develop until the baby is closer to birth I guess. But she said it sounded very good. I got to listen for a while and enjoyed it quite a bit.

She also measured my uterus, which is about 12 cm long now.

Just thought you'd like an update on Besido's status. He/she seems to be growing quite nicely. :)

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  1. Sounds like things are looking good. Isn;t it funny how once you get pregnant you start throwing words like uterus and nipple around all the time? Norm and I were looking at bottles online when I was pregnant with Melody, and I said, "This is the most I've ever said nipple in my life." haha Anyhow, my OB said the uterus should grow a cm a week, so 12 wks 12 cm. Perfect!