Thursday, July 30, 2009

9 weeks 5 days

This morning was a rough morning. I seem to have caught a cold, and I barely slept at all last night. My throat hurt all night long, my breasts hurt, and I had this weird thing happening where every time I tried to move in my sleep, I woke up because my abs weren't functioning well to let me move. It was so bizarre.

Between not sleeping well, having a cold, and being pregnant (aka exhausted and emotional), I wasn't in the best shape this morning. Dave told me to stay home and sleep in for a while. So I slept in until 9:30 am and then came into the office. I definitely felt better after an extra two hours of sleep, but my throat and head still feel super gunky and my body is dragging. I need to look up what medications I'm allowed to take. I know the list is pretty limited.

On a brighter note, Dave found baby slings on clearance at Walmart, so I ordered one. It was down from $45 to $25, which I couldn't really pass up. Here's the one I chose:

It's black on the inside and reversible, so Dave can use it too without looking like a girl. I'm pretty excited about it...I've heard a lot of people rave about these things. Hopefully it will work great for us, too.

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