Wednesday, July 8, 2009

6 weeks 4 days

I had my first prenatal appointment this morning!!

Luckily I had been forewarned by my fellow pregnant friends that it wouldn't be an exciting appointment. Sure enough, all they did was make me pee in a cup, sit me in a chair and talk to me, then draw half of the blood out of my body and fill it into bunch of little tubes.

I still enjoyed the appointment though. :) They gave me a tentative due date of February 25th, which is two days earlier than what I'm saying it is. (They're calculating based on first day of last period, I'm calculating based on day of ovulation, so my estimate is a bit more precise. Most times women don't know the day of ovulation, so the doc can't use this date.)

What I'm really excited about is that they're having me come in for my first ultrasound next Wednesday. It seems a little early to me (7 weeks 6 days according to their due date) but I'm fine with that. The sooner I get to see little Besido, the better. :)

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