Monday, July 6, 2009

6 weeks 2 days

Ah, the belly bulge. It is officially there. Never did I think that at 6 weeks I'd be hiding a tummy. I don't really weigh any more (this morning I was about 2 lbs more than when I weighed myself last week, but my weight regularly varies that much depending on the time of day and how much I've recently eaten). But my clothes are tight. I finally resolved over the weekend that for the next several weeks I am going to look like I've gained weight (and not a baby), and there is nothing I can do about it short of trying to wear looser clothing.

This morning I put on a skirt that went up to my belly button and a shirt over it that I thought made me look smooth and not bulgy. I also put on an open sweater to hide a little more. I thought I looked good. Then I got to work, and Sasi (who knows I'm pregnant) walked into my office and said, "Oh, wow, you look very..." and rubbed her belly. Great, so much for my disguise.

Wednesday is my first doctor's appointment. I'm definitely going to have to ask him or her if this early expansion is normal. I'm quite a distance from the "12 to 16 weeks" when I'm supposed to start "showing." (In fact, I'm only halfway there, haha.)

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