Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21 weeks 4 days

Last night Debbie gave us an adorable stuffed animal alligator for Krewson that she picked up at Ikea.  It totally fits our personalities...Dave and I think it's great.  And it makes us giggle, hehe. 

Dave said we had to put the alligator on a pillow "like he is hunting" (???). Haha, um....ok, hunny. :) So here is the "hunting" alligator. :)

Isn't it so cute?? And the colors will go well with what we're doing in the nursery. :)

Thanks for the gift Debbie!


  1. Melody has that and the hippo too. Very cute.

  2. hehe, it's so funny looking, i like it :) Glad you enjoyed it...i was second guessing myself after i bought it!