Friday, October 9, 2009

19 weeks 6 days

Last night I purchased a 20-gallon tub of baby boy clothes off of Craigslist for $30, and holy jackpot.  Krewson is set.  Talk about bagillions of little onesies and outfits and sleepers.  Ages 0 through 6 months, and most of them in great condition, too.  (There were a few I put in my Goodwill pile due to stains.)  There were even some cute overalls and pants in there.  And a couple caps and bibs.  It took me three whole loads of laundry to get through them all. Crazy!!

I also purchased a Bumbo off of Craigslist last night.  For any of you who are now wondering what a Bumbo is, let me enlighten you:

This, my friends, is a Bumbo.  You stick your baby in it so he can sit on his own once he can hold his head up.  Parents rave about them...I guess babies really like them because they can sit propped up and see all around. Hopefully Krewson will share in the enthusiasm. :)

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  1. Oh, that looks really cool! I have heard of these actually - I think I'm going to have to refer back to your blog here when I'm pregnant, so I can remember all this stuff!