Monday, June 29, 2009

5 weeks 2 days

The craziest thing happened last night. After sleeping for some time, I all of a sudden woke up yelling, and my right hip was completely cramping up. I of course woke Dave up too, and he tried to massage it as I kept yelling. Tears were pouring down my face. The cramping probably lasted 30 seconds, but it was so severe. Afterwards I still felt a throbbing pain as I tried to fall back asleep.

This morning I barely remembered the incident, but I have a tight painful feeling in my hip as a reminder. I have no idea what caused the cramp. I did some reading online, and it sounds like hip cramps are common in the second and third trimesters, but definitely not so early in the pregnancy. The only suggestions were that it could be due to the Relaxin flowing through my body. I read some comments from other girls around my stage in pregnancy who were runners and found their hips to be very sore. It could be a result of the same thing, I suppose. So bizarre. I may need to find some exercise other than running, and I will definitely have to ask the doctor when I go for my first appt on July 8th.

I also had my first breakdown about my bloating this morning. I couldn't find a single outfit that fit the way it should, and I just laid down on the bed and started crying. (I'm rather dramatic at times, and pregnancy hormones don't help.) Dave suggested I wear one of my new pregnancy shirts, and I exclaimed, "But I'm not supposed to look pregnant yet!!" (I don't want people at work knowing for a while longer.) He responded, "Oh yeah." I finally picked myself up and put back on one of the shirts I'd rejected. Dave says he doesn't think it's as obvious to others as it is to me. I sure hope not. I'll be sucking it in as much as possible today to be sure, though.

Ahhh, pregnancy. :)

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