Friday, June 26, 2009

4 weeks 6 days

I officially love cheese and fruit popsicles. I think I could eat them all day long. Granted, I did like eating these items before, but Besido has taken my desire for cheese and fruit popsicles to a whole new level. They taste absolutely amazing.

I am getting a little tired of wearing a sports bra every hour of the day (and night) except the 20 minutes I'm in the shower. However, it's the only way to keep the pain at bay. I have to wear two of them when I go running (which I've been doing daily...with the amount I've been eating, I NEED to work out). (And yes, all you mothers, I do realize that I will gain weight and fat. But I'm only supposed to gain 2 to 5 pounds in the first trimester and about 1 pound per week for the rest of the pregnancy. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to gain 5 pounds by next weekend.)

On another note, by today Besido's amniotic sac has grown to about the size of a grape. Why, no wonder I'm so bloated!! I have a grape inside my uterus!! (*Rolling my eyes.* Why, exactly, is my stomach distended like there's a giant balloon inside of me when Besido's house is only the size of a grape??) It's kind of funny, the countdown at the top of the blog shows a picture of "me" with a bigger belly already. Obviously, no one should look like that when their baby is small enough to sit on the tip of a ballpoint pen and their baby's house is the size of a grape. However, this image matches my figure much more than you realize. It really is pretty close to what I look like. It makes me laugh.

So every day I go to this blog so I can see what Besido looks like. And every day he/she looks like a swollen tadpole hooked to a rope. I can't wait till he/she gets some toes or something. Maybe an eyeball or two. Something that helps me believe I'm building a child and not a frog. (When does the cuteness begin???)

Alright, off to continue with my daily activities.


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