Thursday, November 12, 2009

24 weeks 5 days

I think Dave and I found a daycare!!  I am so relieved.  We just went and checked it out this morning.  It's called Kiddie Garden, and it's run by a couple mothers who decided to open a small personal child care service.  They rent a townhome exclusively for the daycare and have designated rooms for different child age groups.  It's just a bit out of the way for Dave on his way to work, and actually could be on the way to work for me too if I didn't mind going that way. (The interstate in that direction gets very backed up and can add 10-30 minutes to my trip depending on the morning.)  It definitely wasn't a giant, fancy, brand-new, gleaming day care, but it was comfortable and personal.  I really liked the lady who would be taking care of Krewson, and the place seemed very safe and sanitary.  They follow all of North Carolina's daycare regulations, and they're CPR-certified.  There are usually only a couple infants there each day, and it seems like they get a lot of personal attention.  And most of all, the cost is over $450 cheaper per month than where we thought we might be taking Krew.  What a relief.  All we have to do is put down a $50 deposit and we have a spot secured.

Thanks so much to Breanne for letting me in on this little Kiddie Garden secret.  And thank God for answered prayers. :)  Now Dave and I can have a little bit of breathing room with our finances!


  1. I'm so glad you found a place! It is definitely hard to find somewhere and someone you feel comfortable leaving your baby with. Having worked in childcare before, I would be so picky.

  2. Im glad you guys found a place to leave Krew. And I'm glad you've been posting so much the last few days. Binky is to baby as blog is to mommy. I just love reading these things.