Monday, March 1, 2010

40 weeks 2 days again

Just got back from a doc appointment. I am now 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Whoo hoo!!!

Apparently I was her third overdue baby today.  Must be something in the water. :)  She asked if I wanted to be induced, and I said not until necessary.  So then she said she would schedule me for an ultrasound and nonstress test for Friday, and I can schedule an induction date (probably for next week) at that appointment.  However, she also said that she doesn't think I'll need to go to the appointment on Friday based on the progress I've made in less than a week.  She thinks he'll arrive before then.  She also said that his head is very low and that she thinks he's an average-size baby, maybe a high 7 lbs or low 8 lbs.  (How can they tell this stuff??)

I've been having some good contractions lately, so I'm so glad to hear that they're finally serving a purpose.  I've also had various other signs of impending labor, but I'll keep the details to myself so as not to gross anyone out.  :)

Ah I feel so excited now.  Not much longer!

Now working from home, so I get to stay in my sweats all day. Sooooooo much more comfortable. :)


  1. You look great! I bet he'll be in mid 8's as well! They can't really tell, they just guess! Although my midwife was pretty close w/ Molly's weight guess! Glad to see you have progressed! I'm praying it continues to progress...and fast!

    I'm assuming you lost your mucus plug?! :)

    I can't wait to read the post that he's finally here and see some pics! Labor and Delivery was honestly my favorite part of being pregnant, there is nothing to describe it, it's such a wonderful experience and just makes you marvel at how awesomely God designed our bodies for this!!

  2. Not too much longer! That's so exciting! :-)

  3. u llook so pretty in this picture! it must be that pregnancy glow:)!