Wednesday, January 6, 2010

32 weeks 4 days

My marathon of Braxton Hicks contractions finally ended mid-afternoon on Monday.  I averaged about 10 contractions per hour all day up until that point.  Suddenly they began to wane and I went back to having the occasional contraction once every hour or two, if that.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 32 week checkup and talked with her about what had happened.  She asked if I had called while the contractions were occurring and I said yes, but that the phone nurse had suggested I wait to come in until my scheduled appointment.  She checked my cervix and I was not dilated at all and my amniotic sac did not appear to be ruptured, so that was all good news.  The baby's heartbeat sounded great.  She put me on a prescription for no strenuous activity "until this issue is resolved", for at least a week.  She said she doesn't even want me running up the stairs.  I'm not allowed to do my elliptical machine, either.  (Which means I'm going to need to be more careful of what I eat.  Boooooooo.)  She told me that if the contractions start to occur again, she wants me to drink a bunch of water and lay down on my left side for an hour.  If they continue after that, I'm supposed to call again.

Ironically, after being home from the appointment for just a couple hours, another contraction marathon began.  They lasted all through Bible study, and then after the Bible study girls left I laid down and they seemed to decrease a bit (to about every 10 minutes).  I went to bed after that, with plans to call today if they continued.  When I woke up this morning, I had several in a row, and then suddenly they stopped again.  I've only had a couple since then.

So we'll see what happens.  It would be nice to have a reason for all this, but it may just be one of the body's many mysteries.  I must admit that I'm a little worried that if I call again they'll do something crazy like put me on bed rest.  I definitely do not want that.  I was whining and complaining last night for the 30 minutes I was laying down due to the contractions before bed.  There were just so many other things I wanted to be doing. Don't get me wrong.  I love reading, playing on the computer, and watching movies with my hubby.  But I had a to-do list that was calling my name and there was nothing I could do to check off a single item.  So frustrating.

Anyways, on another note, my uterus was again measuring large yesterday, so the doc requested that I get an ultrasound at my next appointment to see how big the baby is.  Yay!  I can't wait to get another view of Krew. :)  The appointment is on Jan 18th, so I'll have some pics to share after that point.  Dave and I are also excited for one more confirmation that Krewson is indeed a little man and not a little woman.  :)

Alright here's your weekly picture.

32 1/2 weeks.  I didn't have a half-finger, but you get the idea. ;)

Thanks so much to everyone who has showed concern over the last couple of days!  I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. :)


  1. That's tough. Hang in there!

  2. I'm so glad everything is okay - follow the doctor's orders and don't do anything strenuous! It wouldn't be much fun to be on bedrest.

  3. ur so pretie!! i love ur blog can we br friends email me at or thanks so mucch!!

  4. I'm glad that you're feeling better, and that you get another Ultrasound. We got another one at 30 weeks because I was measuring big, I was kind of bummed out though because the lady did the measurements so quickly that I barely got o see Haley. I hope you get some good views of your little man.
    Oh. and I'm way impressed that you've been exercising this far, try not to feel too guilty about resting and letting the to-do list go. I know it's frustrating but this is one of the few ties in life you get to be lazy guilt free. Take advantage :)